Some victories come in small packages

I found out today that my long term disability appeal was ruled in my favor. What this means for me is I get paid everything I should have gotten since the middle of May. I was so overwhelmed when the person in charge of my appeal told me that she laughed at my reaction. This is beyond amazing. Terry and I can pay all of those bills left over from when we moved two months ago, we can get caught up on bills that are still mostly overdue, we can finally pay his parents rent. Even now I feel a little sick to my stomach from the excitement. Next I wait to find out about the social security things Debbie faxed for me today. They sent me a questionnaire about my life and how I function every day. If that gets approved that money will help even more.

The most important thing right now is getting the paperwork out for the EEOC before the end of the week. I have a whole bunch of pages that need to be signed and notarized, as well as deciding what I am willing to take as a minimum payment for an early settlement. Mediation is out of the question, I get to turn in my paperwork to start my grad school journey on Wednesday. I am beyond excited for everything happening now. That fear of how I’m going to buy books, pay to get back and forth to school, pay for my parking pass, license my car & change my license…completely gone. Crystal is visiting in August, she said something about Cedar Point, Terry and I may actually be able to go if she chooses a weekend day. This also means huge things for us in terms of being able to see family and friends as well. Terry was thinking of Madison for Labor Day. That’s possible now. We are planning a trip to Colorado next year (late winter/early spring maybe), that is now a real possibility. As is the Christmas trip in 2014 to see my mom and dad.

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