Step away from the social media

I can’t imagine what it must be like for Heather Armstrong to deal with difficult issues as someone who has chosen to live in the blogosphere, lots of friends in and out of the interwebs must help. I can’t handle being on social media when there are triggers there for me. The Aurora shooting was difficult for me to watch on the news, then hearing the gun control debate all over social media was awful. Why can’t we just talk about the heros? The victims? Must we do exactly what the gunman wanted and debate gun control and dissect his life? This is a horrible time for his family, I’m sure they don’t want any more attention either. There is a reason he was waiting for the police, there is a reason why his apartment was so difficult to search. It all makes him more popular in the media, it all makes him more important. I’d rather hear about the girl who saved her friend by putting pressure on the gunshot rather than running away. Let’s hear more about the boyfriends who saved their girlfriends by shielding them. Save the debate for later when we can assess the situation fully and really understand what went wrong.

But I digress. I ended up having my husband change my Facebook password to avoid that stress. I also chose to not watch it on the news, I avoided twitter for a while, and I’m just now getting back to updating my blog. Being so plugged in to the rest of the world makes me nervous and angry. People make fun of me because my brand new Kindle isn’t the Kindle Fire, it’s the Kindle 4 with only enough WiFi to download books. The iPod I bought last year is the 160gb classic. I hear all the time that the other devices have APPS. Why in the world wouldn’t I want APPS? Well, it’s because my android phone already has apps. I don’t need to access Facebook while I read a book. When I read a book I want to…READ A BOOK. Shocking, I know. Besides that, the less access I have to outside triggers and stress improves my mental state. As a matter of fact, today I did laundry and cleaned for the first time in two weeks. I’d say stepping away from social media has been a huge help.

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