Life goes on. and on. and on.

The last time I blogged was July. It’s now nearing the end of September. Actually, the last time I logged in was July. I completely forgot my tweets come here, and there was 4 spam comments mentioning that I will be a famous blogger someday, and if I work with their websites I could increase my traffic significantly. I find that hilarious, because my very own husband keeps asking me to get back on this thing so he can start to increase the traffic. I’m definitely not ready for more traffic, particularly because I have just started a whole new chapter of my life. A completely ridiculous series of changes that can never be undone.

First, I started grad school in the middle of August. I have three classes of my own and get paid to teach 82 of Wayne State’s finest undergrads general chemistry. Every time I deal with freshmen it amazes me how much they are capable of and how much they love to be lazy. This is not just about my undergrads either. I’m guilty of it as a first year grad student, too. Evidenced by my restart of blogging on day one of hell week one, year one of grad school. Regardless, I have a test, two papers, and one presentation all due by Friday, not to mention next week’s two tests and the test the week after that. Plus I get to spend 10 hours grading on Tuesday because my students have their first test on Monday. Which, frankly, I feel horrible about because of the second huge change that happened.

In July I got pregnant. My insurance kicked in September 1, and I have now been to the ER four times and admitted to the hospital once. Because my little beastly loves to live up to their name. I’m officially off my psych meds, which caused a massive psychiatric migraine. Honestly, I don’t know if that is even a thing in the medical world, but I’ve read enough studies and can speak intelligently enough on the topic that when I’m in crazy psycho hallucination mode the doctors don’t question my diagnoses. They just go in the hall and make fun of me the way they should. They prescribed me Abilify, but my insurance doesn’t cover it. Back to square one, with high hopes the headache doesn’t come back. I can handle a whole ton of crazy, but if it involves pain I’m done.

Terry had a job and lost it, mostly because the company he was working for grew too fast, then lost their CEO. Right now the huge hope is he gets at least a few weeks of unemployment to find something new and work on growing his business. In the meantime he’s having all kinds of fun working on his websites ( , , ).

The bottom line is that I am not a reliable blogger. At least not at this point. Also, I feel like crap. Pregnancy blows chunks. Literally. Especially lacking medication. After hell week #1 is over for me I am going to re-read Heather Armstrong’s posts about being pregnant. Because I love her writing and she’s more witty than I could ever hope to be, maybe I will laugh about this instead of being miserable.

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