The semester air gets heavier.

From what I can tell my first hell week at school was unsuccessful. I think I failed my Metabolism exam spectacularly. Which could be seen as a good thing (if you’re going to fail, fail with gusto), but in the interest of passing my first year of grad school it clearly is not a positive step. The first cume looks like it should be better, but only time will tell. I take that test on Wednesday at three. Friday morning is my inorganic test, Monday is the day my second analytical paper is due. Frankly, it sounds like I have a second hell week next week. I’m hoping it goes better than the last one. I’ve started keeping lists of appointments on my school calender to keep myself straight.

Picking an adviser has been causing all kinds of stress. I love so many different things about chemistry that I’ve gotten my brain all tied in knots over how and who to choose. I think the two best pieces of advice I got were 1) I’m being too nice. If I want something I should fight for it, and 2) I need decisions too early. I need to talk to lots of people and get lots of opinions before a decision should be made. I’m still going to be much calmer once I have a lab group. Everything is so exciting and new, which is really awesome. It’ll still feel a lot better once things are established and research has started.

I’m really grateful to have my medicine back, That should help my concentration. On top of that there will be a super strict schedule starting. This needs to be treated like a job, and that means 8-5 and overtime. I really missed the ball on that in the beginning, but I hate to fail and won’t make that mistake again.

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