Favorite things

With as nervous as I am for tomorrow’s baby shower I want to take some time today to remember one of my favorite things. The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is a retail workers nightmare, and as a result I don’t shop that day until well after the ridiculous shoppers go home. This past black Friday both my husband and I went out and found an amazing new camera to take the place of my Canon SD1400 point and shoot that is well used. The focus was starting to go for longer shots, and while I am still an amateur photographer, I use my camera way more often than most people. We found the Nikon L310 at Target for $100 and I love it. It takes clean, clear pictures. My younger cat stays still for a picture if you are far enough away or the shot snaps fast enough, and this camera does it for me. Amazing.

When I realized I was going to need medical leave for the rest of the semester the possibility of maternity photos was nil. There just is no money in our increasingly limited budget for photos, next week my husbands cousin will be taking some pictures of the two of us for maternity shots. Last night our Nikon camera was used by my husband (who has very very little artistic ability) to take some shots of just me. I did some Photoshop work on them, but I think they turned out pretty nice. I guess that makes two favorite things this week, the camera and my phenomenal husband. 🙂









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