Busy week

I had all these things I wanted to write about this week, I’ll hopefully get to it next week. I don’t want to rush the thoughts I have going on in my head with the Anderson Live show or the Katie show. I’ve been miserable sick with whatever respiratory junk is going through my father-in-law’s family and there was an unexpected visit to labor and delivery because of Beastly’s heart rate being high. Fortunately everything turned out perfect, but it’s kind of jump started me into baby prep mode because it feels a little more real. I was told on Monday that after 34 weeks there won’t be any stopping labor if it happens. The medication intervention isn’t proven to be any better for the baby than just being born, plus I almost prefer little Beastly to be born early. It will mean less exposure for them to Seroquel, which in my book is a great thing. As a result we’ve been finishing up all those little projects, making wet bags, buying the cloth diapers, doing laundry, cleaning…realizing that we could be parents to a living breathing child any day now is a little nerve wracking.

Plus spring is in the air! Today’s favorite is keeping the windows open. Fresh air feels so good after being so sick, and my kitties are so playful. Tialys is just beside himself playing, and Pan is 100% better after having his tooth pulled. They are both being so friendly and cuddly. A couple days ago after getting his pain medication Pan spent about 30 minutes just listening to my belly. He kept pushing his ear in, looking confused, rearranging & pushing his ear back into my belly. I think he’ll really love having a little one around when they are big enough to play together. He’s such a dog-like cat that he loves any kind of playmate.

I feel the funk I was in last weekend lifting almost all at once with the bright sunshine, fresh air, and clean living space. I’ve been showering every day because, really, who wants to go into labor with disgusting greasy hair. I read posts from these women on the pregnancy forum about how they feel too big to move and it makes them want to not get ready in the morning. No shower, no makeup, not even washing their face, and I feel sad for them. At this point in my recovery stage I can’t imagine wanting to sit in filth. To me that says giving up and losing myself to the darkness, and I’m not ready for that right now. Right now I’m in the small manic boost when I really want everyone to be as happy as I want to feel.

Plus, Oz the Great and Powerful comes out today! What is better than that!?

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