Idealism at it’s best

I’ve been told by a lot of people that I am too idealistic. I don’t see why that’s such a bad thing, except that it makes me obnoxious to just about every person I meet that has really strong feelings about anything. There are the people who believe in keeping religion out of school, the people that believe in keeping religion in school, people that don’t believe or do believe in gay marriage, do or don’t believe in races being different…the list probably will never end. I have a serious problem with the media and a huge issue with just about anything political. I really want my kid to grow up in a world that doesn’t have huge distinctions between people.

I’m not stupid so I have no belief that this is going to happen outside of my house, but in my house terms like reverse-racism and gay marriage won’t exist. Marriage, in our current society, is based on love. In my house that love can happen between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man, I can even tolerate teaching my kid about polygamy in an age appropriate manner. Racism is still racism regardless of who is doing the hate. In my house that kind of hate will not be tolerated. Last May I was kind of relieved to realize that my religious intolerance for the Catholic church stems not only from what I have heard on the news, but also a prejudice I’d learned through childhood experiences. That’s something that I’m working on, it’s not very easy for me so it will take a while.

In my world we would celebrate each others differences, each season at school would be a great learning experience for all students in the class about their friends and classmates holidays and traditions. Not only religious, but also family traditions. In the summer one student might go camping, another to the Bahamas, in the fall they might hunt or make applesauce. To me it doesn’t matter why the student follows those traditions or what the traditions are, just that everyone’s experience is equal and should be treated as such. That’s what my kid is going to learn and that is how I’m going to expect them to behave in the world. They might get bullied for that, but it’s possible that they will end up with my brother’s swagger and charm or my sister’s strength of character and vociferous compassion. Any of those qualities will give them a great chance at not dealing with bullying themselves and protecting those around them from others that bully.

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