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Last week Friday while driving back from a late night dinner and trip to the store Terry and I saw our second dead body since moving to Michigan. It wasn’t murder, people around here walk in the street instead of on the sidewalks. Usually they are dressed in all black with no reflective gear at night, so it’s most likely the man we saw did not jump in front of the car the way the last guy did. I still really wish I hadn’t seen his body, we passed the scene before the police or an ambulance was able to reach the scene.

Saturday I was alone with Edgar while my in-laws went to a wedding and Terry was at work. Terry and I were both afraid that Friday nights encounter would damage my mental well-being how the suicide affected me. Luckily that was not the case, my friend Brittany who writes Healthy in Detroit wrote a “Five Facts Friday” post I read on Saturday. It was extremely helpful for my self care that day, providing me with one distraction from the nightmares I’d experienced the night before. Also Edgar was a phenomenal distraction.

I spent Sunday participating in self-care as well. There are small events that make a huge impact on our lives. I wanted to post my own Five Facts, here are 5 positive memories that help me when I need to participate in self-care

  1. I used to read to my brother and sister when we were kids. Around the holidays I read the Bible, I also read Dr. Seuss and some other things. It was something I usually had to force on them, but I really loved reading to them.
  2. My sister and I used to make dance routines to the Olsen Twins songs. This also brought me great joy, though I don’t remember if my sister or I had to be forced into this more often. We almost always used my brother’s room for this because our room was very full of furniture.

  3. When I was in college (the first time) I used to hang out in my friend Will’s room every day after class and watch him and his roommate play Madden. While it seems like a strange memory I really loved those afternoons with Will, he is an amazing guy.
  4. I used to watch my friend Chel bowl on Wednesday nights. While all I did was hang out and eat bowling alley food, those were some of the best nights I had during that time of my life.
  5. Terry and I used to go to the bar a lot when we were first together, there were a lot of nights where we met people we never would have met otherwise, and never met again after the night ended. We shared drinks, food, and kisses with many people, resulting in many hilarious memories like the guy who insisted he wasn’t wearing stripes in railroad pants.
  6. All of these memories seem inconsequential, and kind of make it seem like I have a very sad existence not really participating in life. I assure you, these memories are simply a small snapshot of my life. I participate in my life as any healthy person should, but these small seemingly inconsequential memories remind me of things and people I love. These are things through my whole life that made my life happy, my Five Facts that I use for my self-care.

2 thoughts on “Necessary Self Care – Five Facts

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Feel free to text me at anytime when you need a distraction.. soon I’ll be able to fill your mind with some chemistry nonsense! =]

  2. I can’t wait to see everyone again! Terry mentioned to me the other day that too much of my grown up reading is coming from the internet. LOL. I’m excited for the fall, even if I don’t get my TAship back I will have enough available in loans to return. 🙂 [Nothing like a mini-me tax break to reduce my EFC!]

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