Taking it one day at a time

Today was a rough one for my mental health. I took a walk with Edgar which was absolutely wonderful. We stopped at Taco Bell and scared half of the high schoolers that were there for lunch. The other half were completely excited by him. We then went to the grocery store where I got sweet talked into ordering the weekend Detroit Free Press. There is very little memory of the conversation that lead up to that purchase. It was a decent price, I got a 25$ gift card for the store and I guess they have coupons that will hopefully make that purchase worth it. Unfortunately, the purchase is a bad sign for my mental health.

I don’t think things are going really wrong, but there are other signs that need to be watched too. I have trouble sleeping, I’m uncomfortable…back pain, strange feeling joints, obsessing over some random tidbit from the day. Today there was a conversation with Dave and Debbie about personal responsibility, it made me remember the previous conversation about Dave’s dad and how he regretted not taking care of his father. He believes that even if you are told to evacuate you shouldn’t be responsible for the cost of rescuing you. Right now they don’t charge for that, but I think they should.

I’m a little scattered and I’m having some other thoughts I’m not willing to admit to on the internet yet. As a result I’m cutting this post a little short.

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