Connecting Again

I have been making a real effort to connect with the people I love again. It began a week ago when I finally reached out, I don’t think that process ever gets easier. My brain automatically shuts my social life down. Even when my friend got to my house last week I was upstairs bawling my eyes out. My world is really depressing without people to tell me about their lives. Candy Crush and Etsy do not make me a well-rounded person, I definitely do not fault anyone for being bored with me.

I’m making baby steps to where I need to be, a few days ago I had an awesome conversation with another friend I love dearly. She was telling me about trying to come up with a morning routine. She’s reading a book by Tsh Oxenreider that recommends creating a morning routine, 5 things just for you – cleaning and getting the kids ready doesn’t count – with the recommendation of no screens. I am anything but a morning person, but I think a positive routine may help drag me from this black hole I live in right now so I’m going to give it a try as a daily thing.

My phone is basically my life so I won’t be going screen-free, but I have started listening to podcasts again. Right now my new favorite is Guys We F****d, it’s two comediennes in New York with this fabulous sex-positive attitude. They are hysterical, and I love listening to them. So that’s first on my list. I have put on 40 lbs over the last 6 months. That has to stop, so going to the gym is second on my list. My eyebrows are a forest and my skin is an oil well. Third is grooming and self-care. Coloring is going to be on the list. I got some really sweet coloring books for Christmas that require attention, so that’s fourth. Last, but not least, I really love making graphics, like, a lot. I’m going to go through my photos, maybe take some new photos, and create wonderful things with them. In fact, yesterday I bought some really sexy shoes and now my own damn feet are my screen saver. Nothing conceited about that, right?


What are your 5 things to do, just for you?


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